Vibrotactile technology to support d/Deaf people in music education: When Musical Vibrations met Royal School for the Deaf Derby

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The Musical Vibrations project ( is being used to demonstrate the potential of vibrotactile feedback to support d/Deaf people in music performance, education, appreciation and production. The vibrotactile technology converts musical sounds that can be heard, into vibrations which are felt through the skin as vibrotactile feedback.

This video documents the responses of staff and pupils at the Royal School for the Deaf Derby who used the vibrotactile equipment in their music lessons.

The original research was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (Grant No. AH/H008926/1), included in the Universities UK initiative ‘Big Ideas for the Future’ and was shortlisted for the Times Higher Education (THE) 2013 Award for ‘Research Project of the Year’.

This video won the Acoustical Society of America's 2021 Science Communication Award.

Our journal papers on this topic can be accessed using the links below:


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