Simon Curran & Steve McKinnell: The use of pre-recorded lectures to deliver theoretical content as p

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This presentation will focus on the use of pre-recorded presentations, available to view through VITAL, including worksheets, audio and video media and website links, to deliver new information.We have introduced three voice and webcam narrated power point presentations to year 2 students, as part of a neuro-rehabilitation module, within the undergraduate physiotherapy programme.Audio and visual information, including video images, are used within the presentations to further enhance what has previously been a standard lecture, delivered formally to a group of approximately 50 students. Built into the presentations are specific tasks which students must complete.To aid evaluation of these initiatives we have collected anonymous feedback. A 5 point Likert scale including free text has been used for data collection, results of which will be presented. We have also used resources within VITAL to collect statistics about specific numbers, days and times that the students have used these resources.We will present our developments, explain the advantages of this type of delivery, using examples from the presentations. We will highlight the feedback obtained and discuss how this could be further developed.


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