Barbara Band, LILAC 2018, Liverpool: The Elephant in the Room – why are information literacy skills not an essential part of the curriculum?

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Keynote at the 2018 Librarians'Information Literacy Conference (LILAC), Barbara Band is an award-winning Chartered librarian with over twenty five years’ experience of delivering customer focused services within the education sector, with a range of project management and promotional skills gained in commercial and non-profit organisations.

Information literacy skills are recognised as being essential in today’s information-overloaded world and a basic requirement for an effective and empowered society. They are crucial for learning, extending beyond the academic into the workplace and impacting on what can often be life-changing decisions. This is acknowledged by librarians, teachers and the business community.

It could be argued that information literacy teaching is alive and well - an online search for “information literacy skills” brings up almost fifteen million results. And yet, in the majority of schools, information literacy skills are ignored or, at best, taught in an ad hoc manner.

What are the barriers to delivering an information literacy programme across the curriculum - can they be overcome or are the challenges too great? Do the problems lie with the curriculum, the teaching staff or the librarians themselves – or is the pervasive growth of technology and our reliance on it to blame?


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