Graduate Connect Webinar: Technology Transforming Business - who exactly leads?

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It was not that long ago that the global giants of enterprise and technology seemed to own and harness innovation through massive scale and a tight process of research, development and commercialisation; think General Electric, NASA, Philips, Roche, Boeing, IBM, Ford, Goldman Sachs.

Nowadays innovation is most readily associated with small groups of technology led innovators with their ‘do something different - work out how to make money from it later’ business model. Think Twitter, Tesler, Uber, Airbnb, SpaceX, RefMe. Many times, it is not industry insiders, but new technology thinkers, who almost collide with a product, service or activity that can be done very differently.

How real is this perceived trend? Can it be seen outside the headline examples? Who will control the innovation agenda going forward? Should it be a corporate or a start-up? Join John Hanley (BEng Hons Mechanical Engineering, 1979), Founder of Run the Change, as he explores some examples - poster-children and the lesser known - and follow with a discussion on what this might mean for the roles that can be played in the new generation of business models.


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