Globalising and Diversifying Curricula

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Globalising and Diversifying Curricula.

Our session aims to share best practice in promoting diversity and equality, introducing colleagues to a pioneering new first-year History module, 'The Global History of the Present', that explores some of the global processes through which peoples have historically been connected – particularly in relation to race and empire - and the legacies of these. The module employs a novel range of both teaching materials and module assessments, including a journal in which students reflect on module materials, raise questions and explore issues or ideas that interest them. While UK History curricula continue to focus largely on white histories and Eurocentric approaches, and have reading lists dominated by white, male voices, this module not only attempts to both widen and decolonise the History curriculum at Liverpool, but to encourage students to critically reflect on such methodologies. Participants will be encouraged to explore ideas for decolonising their own curriculum.


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