Decolonising Research Webinar: Is Change Possible? Challenging Epistemic Knowledge Production within the Academy

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Decolonising Research Webinar: Is Change Possible? Challenging Epistemic Knowledge Production within the Academy with Dr Eve Hayes de Kalaf, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

In this talk, Dr Eve Hayes de Kalaf argues that the academy has always existed as an elite and exclusionary space which has actively prioritised Eurocentric knowledge production over indigenous, Black and women’s intellectual thought. This promotion of European knowledge as Absolute Truth is intrinsically based on a “European/Euro-North-American capitalist/patriarchal modern/colonial world system” (Grosfoguel, 2012, p.97) that has systematically silenced, ignored and/or eliminated other modes of scholarly thought. The webinar utilises the work of James Baldwin as the basis for a discussion about how we might ourselves challenge, dismantle and rebuild the existing frameworks that underpin contemporary thinking across the educational system.

Eve Hayes de Kalaf is a research associate in Iberian and Latin American Studies based at the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Liverpool. She is also the 2020-2021 Visiting Stipendiary Fellow at the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London. Eve is particularly interested in how states are documenting and categorising populations, including the impact of legal and digital identity on questions of race, citizenship and belonging. Her first monograph "Legal Identity, Race and Belonging in the Dominican Republic: From Citizen to Foreigner" is part of the Anthem Series in Citizenship and National Identities (Hardback) and is out this summer.

Event series
This event is part of the webinar series Decolonising Research. Over the last decade, the debates in the social sciences and humanities, but also in further disciplinary fields, have focused on decolonising teaching and the curriculum. While this is a crucial venue of exploration into and transformation of contemporary higher education, these debates need to go in parallel with an effort to decolonise the other central activity that universities engage in, namely research. To advance this debate at the University of Liverpool, the present webinar series will explore what it means to decolonise research at our own institution, but also in the contemporary UK and global higher education setting. Focusing on topics around research methodologies, ethics of research and hiring, data collection and analysis practices and dissemination, we will use a pool of research conducted by members of the university research staff to open up a sometimes uncomfortable, but ever more important conversation of what we can do better to decolonise our research praxis.


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