Labour Unions and the Future of Game Work - online event April 28 2021 - curated by Dr Paolo Ruffino

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28th April 2021 - 4:00-6:00pm (BST)
University of Liverpool, Department of Communication and Media
Curated by: Dr Paolo Ruffino
The online event will gather union organisers from the UK, USA and Australia, and researchers currently investigating labour unions in the videogame industry. There is a growing interest towards unions in the videogame sector. Since the establishment of Le Syndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Jeu Vidéo in France in 2017, and Game Workers Unite UK (recently rebranded IWGB Game Workers) in 2018, there has been an emergence of workers organising initiatives across the global North. The trend is consistent with the growing presence of unionisation projects in the technology sector. The videogame industry has promoted for a long time the benefits of independence and self-employment, and is framed around transnational and globalised chains of production and circulation. However, it is now leading a labour union renaissance, which contradicts earlier myths of individualisation and deterritorialisation of labour. The emergence of labour unions brings to a number of questions regarding the geographical specificity of these initiatives, and the implications for labour in the creative and digital sectors in the 21st century.
Participants are invited to subscribe through Eventbrite. Participation is free. The event might be recorded.
SCHEDULE (British Summer Time BST):
4:00pm: Dr Paolo Ruffino, University of Liverpool, UK – Event introduction
4:10pm: Tim Colwill - Game Workers Unite Australia
4:20pm: Declan Peach and Matthew Hurry - IWGB Game Workers, UK
4:30pm: Emma Kinema - campaign lead at CODE, Communication Workers of America, and Game Workers Unite co-founder
4:40pm: Dr Jamie Woodcock, The Open University, UK - Conclusion
5:00-6:00pm Q&A with the audience


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