Liverpool Responds: Climate Futures

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Liverpool Responds:…’ is a fortnightly online event series led by the University to highlight the ongoing response to the pandemic from our own internal experts and academics as well as our high profile alumni, stakeholders and civic partners.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grab international news headlines and public attention, the global impact of climate change and environmental degradation continues to be amongst the greatest threats to public health, the global economy and biodiversity. This climate problem has not gone away.

Experts at the University of Liverpool are working with collaborators around the world to explore the impacts of climate change, to develop solutions to environmental challenges and to address knowledge gaps.

Together our panellists discuss issues relating to climate science, emissions reduction, behaviour insights, community engagement and the development of new sustainable technologies.


Chair - Ric Williams

Mark Boyle
Karle Whittle
Jenny Hodgson


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