Paul Redmond: 'Generation Crunch!' Careers, Employability, and the Credit Crunch ? new concepts for old ideas.

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Due in part to the credit crunch, globalisation and the sweeping changes that are taking place in organisations, this year?s graduate recruitment market is in the forefront of a profound shift. Gone are the old certainties about ?career?, ?security? and ?graduate jobs?. In their place has come a new social and economic realism. Though today?s students are at the forefront of these changes, few have any experience of economic recession, unemployment or falling standards of living. But as ?Generation Y? - the world?s first ?digital natives? - will this lack of knowledge and experience prove to be a help or a hindrance? The aim of this presentation is to explore the current state of graduate recruitment in the UK, the conceptualmeanings attached to terms such as ?employability?, ?graduates? and ?employment?, what employers really want from graduates, and how higher education can best prepare students for a future that as yet does not exist.


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