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LIFE701: Academic Supervisor - Reviewing the reflective portfolio

About this video

The video below explains how to access the student weekly reflections and how you can add your feedback to them.


01:12 - Accessing the Reflective Portfolios through ATLAS
01:40 - Accessing your students' submissions
02:18 - Explaining the interface
03:25 - Viewing a student submission
03:37 - What does the submission look like?
04:46 - Accessing the weekly reflections
05:02 - Viewing student progress
05:36 - What do the weekly reflections look like?
06:09 - Viewing additional files submitted by the student
07:05 - Marking the student's weekly reflection
07:32 - Accessing the Supervisor Guidance & Marking Criteria
09:10 - Submitting your comments
09:26 - Saving your comments as a draft
09:59 - How do the students access their feedback?


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