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Hi Everyone!

It's Tobi here :)

Ed (the other co-founder) & I have been working hard recently and this is just a quick little preview vid of the new app 'Lyfe' which is due to be released in Liverpool at the large health expo event happening this April. If living a healthy lifestyle whilst saving (& making) money sounds like its up your street then you can read more and sign-up provisionally to the platform for FREE at

Loads of healthy retailers, called 'Lyfe Links' are signing up onto the platform by the week and by signing up you can get notified so that you can start receiving discounts straight away, even whilst the app is being made via the use of the temporary 'Lyfe Card' which we will post to you for free.

Follow us on instagram, twitter and linkedin for more updates!

P.S. for those of you a bit more interested in our ethos - within the field of healthcare, prevention, that is people taking greater responsibility to live healthier balanced lifestyles is the future. Only 4% of the UK health budget is currently spent on prevention and with Brexit happening the budget is being cut by a staggering £4b. The NHS is shouting for new solutions and our vision is that Lyfe will be the first of many to come. On top of this 1/4 adults experience a mental health issue each year. As medical students and doctors our research shows that to improve mental health you must focus on physical, psychological and social health in equal parts and so in the backdrop, we aim for Lyfe to boost the balancing of these areas which are often left out.

Our tagline is #FlyFree because having optimised health gives you the foundation from which you are free to soar, be happy, accomplish your goals and life to the full.

Speak soon!



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