Decolonising Research Webinar: Safeguarding -- A Framework for Decolonising Research?

About this video

This seminar approaches the entrenched issues of discrimination and ‘coloniality’ (Quijano, 2000; Tamale, 2020) as presenting a risk of harm to individuals, to research quality and to wider society. It shares the research experiences of exploring safeguarding with projects working on anti-slavery/anti-trafficking in parts of East and West Africa and co-designing and undertaking international consultation on safeguarding for the UK Collaborative on Development Research. Participants are encouraged to reflect on the opportunity to use the safeguarding concept for decolonising how we develop and deliver research. This includes considerations of how to not only actively resist complicity with coloniality, but also intentionally work towards eradicating it.

Presenter Bio:

Sociologist and qualified coach/mentor for senior professionals, Dr Leona Vaughn has over 20 years working as an equalities and social justice expert nationally and internationally. Research Director and co-author of the UK Collaborative on Development Research (UKCDR) Report and Guidance for Safeguarding in International Development Research (2020), she has written on ‘race’, ‘risk’, ‘safeguarding’ and ‘modern slavery’ in relation to children and most recently COVID-19. She co-founded the North West Social Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership Network ‘Researching Risk Work in Young Lives’ and as a tenure-track Derby Research Fellow is developing anticolonial research methodologies for exploring slavery and unfree labour.

Event series
This event is part of the webinar series Decolonising Research. Over the last decade, the debates in the social sciences and humanities, but also in further disciplinary fields, have focused on decolonising teaching and the curriculum. While this is a crucial venue of exploration into and transformation of contemporary higher education, these debates need to go in parallel with an effort to decolonise the other central activity that universities engage in, namely research. To advance this debate at the University of Liverpool, the present webinar series will explore what it means to decolonise research at our own institution, but also in the contemporary UK and global higher education setting. Focusing on topics around research methodologies, ethics of research and hiring, data collection and analysis practices and dissemination, we will use a pool of research conducted by members of the university research staff to open up a sometimes uncomfortable, but ever more important conversation of what we can do better to decolonise our research praxis.


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