How to embed items into VITAL

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A new version of the instructional video to show you how to embed stream items into VITAL, using the new HTML button within the VITAL item editor.


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  • Richard Bonar-Law said, on 28 Feb 2020

    I don't want to sit through a wretched video to remind myself which buttons need to be pressed.

    A simple list of instructions should be available as an alternative.

  • Arshad Isakjee said, on 29 Mar 2019

    This doesn't work since VITAL does not allow you to buil,d content on the Stream tab - on my page in any case.

  • Alison Smith said, on 06 Feb 2019

    Please can we have this in step-by-step instruction form?

  • Greg Hurst said, on 17 Feb 2016

    This comment has been removed by the comment author.


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