Bob Mines: Experience Led Engineering Degrees and the Liverpool Engineer

About this video

The Sainsbury Report has identified the need to develop ?Experience Led Engineering Degrees? see ?Recommendation 7.17: The group should develop, with a number of leading engineering universities, an experience-led engineering degree which integrates technical, operational and business skills? [1]. This is in line with international thinking on rethinking engineering education using the CDIO approach [2]. The presentation will be an account of how the Engineering Department is addressing these issues via the introduction of active learning experiences, capstone projects, and the development and use of the active learning laboratory. Aspects covered will include enhancing the student experience, adapting staff skills and resources required. 1. The Race to the Top, A Review of Government?s, Science and Innovation Policies, Lord Sainsbury of Turville, October 2007 2. Rethinking Engineering Education: The CDIO Approach by Edward F. Crawley , Johan Malmqvist , Soren Ostlund , Doris Brodeur , Springer, 2007