Does student use of lecture captures really help their learning? Dr Louise Robson (Uni. Of Sheffield)

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Recording from the CIE Pedagogic value of video for learning & lecture recording event 9th January 2020

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of higher education institutions in the UK using lecture capture technology to support student learning. While students rate the availability of lecture capture very highly, academic staff consistently raise concerns around the impact of attendance at lectures and student learning and attainment. At the University of Sheffield, research in the Department of Biomedical Science has investigated the relationship between lecture capture use and academic attainment. Data on how students were using lecture capture, the virtual leaning environment (VLE) and formative activities were collected at time points across the academic year. These data were then mapped to student performance in two examinations. Ethical approval for the research was obtained from the University of Sheffield. Student use of lecture captures at all time points across the academic year was significantly and positively correlated with academic attainment. Students with the lowest grades in the examinations watched fewer captures earlier in the academic year compared to the higher achieving students, and their data also showed evidence of massed learning. In contrast, those students with higher grades appeared to use more of the captures at all time points across the year. This presentation will explore these data, along with VLE and formative quiz use, presenting evidence that engagement with digital resources is positively associated with academic attainment but also that higher achieving students do not necessarily need to use digital resources to succeed.

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