Future Heritage (Part 1 of 2: Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics; Wyncote Pavilion)

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Future Heritage is a seed research project at the Liverpool School of Architecture, in collaboration with the Merseyside Civic Society. It focuses on our most recent (post-war) architectural heritage as a clear example of the continuity between contemporary architecture and heritage and was funded by the University of Liverpool’s Knowledge Exchange & Impact Vouchers 2015-16 scheme.
One of the principal objectives of the underlying research relates to the increase of lay and professional understanding and appreciation of post-war buildings. The project aims to build on the widespread publicity around Preston Bus Station in order to engage the public in a debate about post-war architecture. This could then feed into community engagement with post-war heritage but also public consultations on new planning applications. For more details, please see the project website: https://christinamalathouni.wordpress.com/


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