A Death Like No Other

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As the UK Covid-19 Inquiry finally launches, researchers behind a major report into those bereaved by Covid-19 have released a video reflecting the experiences of those who lost loved ones, and seeking to ensure “things are better next time”.
The University of Liverpool Management School’s Lived Experiences of People Bereaved by Covid-19 report made its way to Government Minister’s desks and prompted a question in the House of Commons.
It was backed by Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice (CBFJ) – the group representing those who lost family members and friends during the pandemic.
Now, report Co-Author, Professor Lynn Sudbury-Riley has worked with CBFJ and research participants to put together an emotional video called A Death Like No Other, detailing the experiences of those left behind, and calling for truth and transparency through the inquiry process.

Film shot and edited by Wes Storey (www.wesleystorey.com)


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  • Pauline Ashley said, on 28 Jul 2022

    I have just watched the video and it is so powerful. I have cried throughout and I feel this needs to be seen by each and every politician in power at that time. Including all of those that have resigned (been pushed).
    This needs to be sent out to every media outlet across the world it is so hard-hitting and most people will be deeply moved and enraged.
    To Prof Lynn Sudbury-Riley and all of the team involved in this research I thank God there are people like you in this world.
    To all of those bereaved families who have lost family members and friends I am so deeply sorry.
    It may take 20 or 30 years to get anywhere but the injustice will give you the strength to fight on.
    Stay strong, No Justice No Peace.


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