Help with using Stream

We have designed Stream to be as simple to use as possible.

·Log in with your MWS username and password
·Select your video or audio content to be uploaded to your account on Stream
·Choose to either play your content within Stream, or embed it into one of your own web pages

Please watch the video below to learn all there is to know about uploading your content to Stream and getting your videos and audio online.

What about Stream Capture questions? Stream Capture is the official University of Liverpool Lecture Capture software and is very much a sister product to stream. Any and all questions you might have regarding Stream Capture will be answered at the Stream Capture website. Does the University have a lecture capture policy and any responses to staff feedback? Yes, we have a specific lecture capture policy and feedback to staff responses page setup on the staff intranet, so you will have to enter your username and password if you wish to view them. Still having problems? We don't want anybody to be stuck when using Stream. If you find yourself having difficulties, have a general enquiry or have any feedback for us, please contact the CSD Service Desk.

Why should I use Stream?

Staff and students can upload all types of video and audio files to then view them across virtually any device - PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Your video will be streamed to the highest possible quality and will automatically resize to fit any screen.

Using ensures that your media is secure. No copy of the media is left on the device on which it was viewed. You can also manage who can view your media - it can be available to the public, limited to members of the University or members of a specific department, school or faculty and you can choose whether your file should appear within the search function.

It is easy to share your video/audio from It can be embedded into CANVAS or any web page with a simple copy and paste and you can easily share your video on Facebook and Twitter.