MOOCs: an interview with Dr Christine Sinclair

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Dr Christine Sinclair, Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Education.

This interview was captured following Dr. Christine Sinclair's presentation 'MOOCs: Why would you want to?’. Many questions arose from her presentation, in particular, questions on the future of MOOCs (Massive Online Open courses) and their effect on Higher Education. Where is it all going? Dr Sinclair gives an insight into some of the considerations the University of Edinburgh had to make when running the ‘eLearning and Digital Cultures’ MOOC through the providers of Coursera. As one of a team of five running a MOOC, she also reflects on the role of the teacher in Higher Education, in the light of the development of MOOCs.

This video will be of interest to anyone interested in technology-enhanced learning from senior managers to practitioners.

Outline of video (mins:seconds)

00:00 – 00:30 Dr Sinclair - Introduction
00:30 – 01:44 What can MOOCs offer a University ?
01:44 – 03:25 What is your advice for those thinking of engaging in a MOOC?
03:25 – 04:30 Higher Education, the future of the MOOC
04:30 – 05:40 The importance of the teacher.


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