The wonderful Live Streaming FAQ page

What is live streaming? People love watching live events, such as those featuring their favourite sport's teams or music concerts. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to attend a live event. Live streaming is the term used to describe a process of broadcasting realtime, live video and audio content to an audience over the internet, via their computers, tablets or smartphones. Live streaming sends the information straight to the computer or device without saving the file to a hard disk. That sounds like witchcraft. How is it possible? It's quite simple really. Video and audio content, captured by a camera is transferred to using streaming software running on the host's computer. We recommend you use Open Broadcaster Software for live streaming. Once you have the software running, you need to stream to our Live Streaming Server:
  • rtmp://

and give your stream a specific name which will be provided to you.

For security reasons, your PC needs to have a fixed IP address. This is so we can allow only that machine to stream to us with the specific stream name which we have provided to you. We also need to know your start and end dates for any live streaming, just so your live feed will only appear on when you would like it to.

Technical Information

Stream is able to deliver adaptive live video and audio streams to all devices via:

  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming
  • HLS

What is DVR?

Stream now has in-built DVR (Digital Video Recording) for all live streaming. This means if you turn up late to watch your live stream, you can simply rewind the live feed by upto one hour and continue watching from that point.