Selected Topics in Mathematics - Online Edition: Talk 01 (Alexander Veselov)

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A talk by Professor Alexander Veselov,

Title: Geometrisation, integrability and knots

Abstract: After Arnold the classical integrability is usually understood in the Liouville sense as the existence of sufficiently many Poisson commuting integrals. About 20 years ago it was discovered that this does not exclude the chaotic behaviour of the system, which may even have positive topological entropy.

I will review the current situation with Liouville integrability in relation with Thurston’s geometrization programme, using as the main example the geodesic flows on the 3-folds with SL(2,R)-geometry. A particular case of such manifold - the quotient SL(2,R)/SL(2,Z) is known to be topologically equivalent to the complement of the trefoil knot in 3-sphere. I will explain that the remarkable results of Etienne Ghys about modular and Lorenz knots can be naturally extended to the integrable region, where these knots are replaced by the cable knots of trefoil.

The talk is based on a recent joint work with A. Bolsinov and Y. Ye.


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