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A small virus changed our world this year and forced us to dramatically change our approach to teaching. From the well-trodden path of face-to-face teaching to online delivery in just a few weeks, this period came with many challenges. Suddenly we needed to learn a number of new apps and those TEL problems we have long been evading had to be tackled, the sooner the better.

So we formed a small working group, sharing our experiences of new apps and software to get the best online delivery organised in the short space of time. Sharing experiences, tips and tricks, and even problems proved a very effective strategy, and the idea of the ‘e-learning wiki’ was born.

The idea developed into the 'Vet School Digital Teaching Hub', an MS Teams based forum to ask questions and discuss problems, and the embedded Wiki, a resource similar to Wikipedia covering multiple topics and problems. Some as simple as “What is SSO?” to more complex questions, like “How do I create interactive clinical case scenarios?”. Sharing the knowledge we have on a single platform gives everyone the opportunity to find an answer quicker and more efficiently.

What we have covered so far in the Wiki is just the beginning. We invite everyone to contribute towards this great resource, sharing your own personal problems and solutions. This may relate to specific problems using an app or the pedagogy of teaching online. This project will become more useful as the number of active participants increases.


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