Masters and PhD study in Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Feb 2017

About this video

Short presentations to Year 2 BSc Life Science students so that they have an overview of the Masters and PhD degrees available within Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, should they want to continue studies at Liverpool after graduation.

The short presentations include: 1. Why do the degree 2. Overview of what is involved, including costs. 3. Entrance qualifications and how to apply. 4. Where to get more information

The order of degree programmes described is:
MBiolSci Dr Luciane Vieira de Mello (School of Life Sciences)

MSc degrees
Advanced Biological Sciences Mr Keith Hatton (School of Life Sciences)

MRes degrees
Advanced Biol Sci Director: Dr James Hartwell (Institute Integrative Biology)
Biomedical Sciences and Translational Medicine Director: Dr Alec Simpson (Institute Translational Medicine)
Clinical Sciences Director: Director: Dr Paul Knox (Institute Aging & Chronic Disease and Institute Infection & Global Health
Musculoskeletal Aging (CIMA) Director: Dr Lesley Iwanejko (Institute Aging & Chronic Disease)

Masters programmes finish at about 55 minutes.

PhD programmes in each FHLS Institute
Institute Aging & Chronic Disease, Director: Dr Simon Tew
Institute of Integrative Biology, Director: Dr Meriel Jones
Institute Infection & Global Health, Director: Dr Neil Blake
Institute Translational Medicine, Director: Dr Alec Simpson (on behalf of Professor Andrea Varro)
Institute Psychology, Health and Society, Director: Professor Julian Pine

The presentations all give websites and emails addresses for further information and for questions.

Web sites for more information about these and other University of Liverpool Masters and PhD programmes are at

Websites for information on most Masters and PhD programmes in the UK and several other countries are at and

There will be further presentations about postgraduate study and also employment after graduation during Year 3.