Design of revision contents using SCORM authoring tools

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Presented by Naser Sedghi and Ian Sandall at the University of Liverpool's Centre for Innovation in Education 2019 Learning and Teaching Conference. Recorded live.

Revising is an important part of deep learning for students, however, it could be hectic for many students, overloaded by too much learning materials such as lecture notes, lecture slides, stream capture videos, text books, and so on. A properly designed revision tool would help them to organize their revision, to discover their strength and weakness on different parts of the module, and to enable them to prioritize the resources they need to revise. In this work, the SCORM content eLearning authoring tools have been used to design a prototype revision tool which helps the students to find out about their prior knowledge of the subjects by pre-assessment and directs them to the module resources related to their area of weakness. The aim is to provide a toolbox available to the lecturers to easily and efficiently create revision contents for their own modules.


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