Enhancing digital capability in the curriculum (Speaker: Dr Tünde Varga-Atkins, Centre for Innovation in Education, University of Liverpool)

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With the move to hybrid learning, digital capabilities are currently receiving significant attention in higher education (HE). Even before the pandemic, numerous attempts had been made to develop digital frameworks to support curriculum design. This presentation will report on a study that explored similarities, differences and gaps in the way digital capabilities are developed in HE curricula in two disciplines. This presentation will focus on results which are relevant to all disciplines, whilst demonstrating that the development of digital capabilities can be aligned with the respective discipline’s signature pedagogy. The study drew on a sample from two UK Universities, employing multiple-case study methodology. Originality of the study is achieved in part through a conceptual framework that weaves together a theoretical perspective - Shulman’s signature pedagogies,- with JISC’s Digital Capability Framework. The presentation will discuss the implications of this conceptual framework for developing curriculum design, reflecting on what it means for today’s hybrid learning context.


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