Selected Topics in Mathematics - Online Edition: Talk 03 (Alexey Ustinov & Mikhail Skopenkov)

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A talk by Professor Alexey Ustinov (a) & Professor Mikhail Skopenkov (b,c),

Title: Feynman Checkers: Number theory methods in quantum theory

Abstract: In the 40's, R. Feynman invented a simple model of electron motion, which is now known as Feynman's checkers. This model is also known as the one-dimensional quantum walk or the imaginary temperature Ising model. In Feynman's checkers, a checker moves on a checkerboard by simple rules, and the result describes the quantum-mechanical behavior of an electron.

We solve mathematically a problem by R. Feynman from 1965, which was to prove that the model reproduces the usual quantum-mechanical free-particle kernel for large time, small average velocity, and small lattice step. We compute the small-lattice-step and the large-time limits, justifying heuristic derivations by J. Narlikar from 1972 and by A. Ambainis et al. from 2001. The main tools are the Fourier transform and the stationary phase method. The talk is based on the joint paper with M. Skopenkov [1].

[1] M. Skopenkov, A. Ustinov, Feynman checkers: towards algorithmic quantum theory. (2020)

(a) Khabarovsk Division of the Institute for Applied Mathematics, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
(b) National Research University Higher School of Economics
(c) Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Kharkevich Institute), Moscow


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