Digital Champions: Breaking the 2:1 (or 2:2) barrier for writing assignments: Part 2/5 Plan, to write well

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In this 5-part video, Bradley Griffin and Adam Byrne, Digital Champions and third year students in the Management School at the University of Liverpool, share with you tips on how you can develop your skills in assignment writing and move towards getting the best possible grade.
The 5-part video takes you through the whole process of writing assignments. The Champions cite various digital tools that have made their life easier. They also highlight the importance for you to find your own way of working. As Adam and Bradley’s different working habits show, different strategies suit different people.
Links to the tools mentioned:
• CRAP test:
• Wordle:
• Freemind:
• RefWorks:
The University Library runs sessions on using RefWorks, please contact your Liaison Librarian for more information.
• Part 1. Finding and evaluating information: using the CRAP test and Wordle
• Part 2. Plan, to write well: using mindmapping software
• Part 3. Critical analysis is key: justifying and contrasting different viewpoints
• Part 4. Get into a good referencing habit: incremental use of online referencing tools
• Part 5: Summary and tips
Do you have any tips on assignment writing to share with your peers? Please add them in the comment box (you need to log in with your university username and password at the top right corner to do so).
The videos have been created as part of a HEA-funded project under ‘Changing the Learning Landscape’. Academic lead: Simon Snowden. Video credit: Dave Hocker. For more information, contact project co-lead Tunde Varga-Atkins

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