Final Infographic for Sir Alistair Pilkington Award 2021

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Contact:- Dr Denise Preece or Dr jennifer Johnson

The design pedagogy
Context of the design:- both myself (doctoral research in high performance work systems) and Jen (doctoral research in international students transitions) as a teaching team (both senior fellows of the HEA) and individually have been nominated 5+ times for this award, myself receiving recognition by Janet Beer in previous graduation ceremonies for this accolade. In addition, between us we have received more than 10 schools awards for our pedagogical scholarship and exceptional students experience and teaching success over the past 10 years.  These nominations are a demonstration of the esteem we are held in by colleagues, students and the leadership team. Our commitment to improving teaching scholarship over many years has ensured our students are the VIP’s and that we are experts in our scholarly fields. 
The underpinning pedagogical scholarship:- The working pedagogical principles focus on removing academic glass walls and ceilings theory being a hybrid learning paradigms of meaningful, discovery and mastery learning, be that digital accessibility in learning and teaching we used scaffolding, communities of practice and radical behaviourism, inclusive pedagogy for neuro diverse students using zone of proximal development and radical constructivism, and pedagogical inclusive transitions for our international cohort to the UK education system using social and radical constructivism, authentic assessment and high performance pedagogy pivoting the individual student as opposed to the collective using multiple intelligence and experiential learning styles.  This depth of excellence in being able to intermingle learning paradigms and learning theorists with key concepts is how we underpin student success, it is not an accident, but rather by design that our complex and immersive teaching pedagogy hybrid is successful.


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