Use of devices in a lecture theatre: An interdisciplinary study

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Use of devices in a lecture theatre, student behaviours and learning variables: An interdisciplinary study.

The aim of this investigation was to explore student behaviour from three different disciplines (Psychology, Life Science and Veterinary Science) related to their actions to bring their own devices in a lecture theatre and the connections to learning and distraction.

A questionnaire was distributed to the first year students from the three different disciplines. Overall, 499 students fully completed the questionnaire (163 Psychology students, 253 Life Sciences students and 83 Veterinary students).

Difference between the three disciplines have been identified regarding the use of applications and different learning variables such as the (un)productive learning activities in a lecture theatre and the multitasking process.

The findings of this investigation question the previous literature evidence where have been found negative correlation between student attitudes towards learning, multitasking and the use of different applications/devices in class under the perspectives of the nature of the disciplines and student background.

The presentation was recorded live at the University of Liverpool's Centre for Innovation in Education Learning and Teaching 2019 Conference. The presenter was Maria Limniou and the co-presenters were Denis Duret, Caroline Hands and Robert Treharne.


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