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Recording of teacher confronting student on why they were late.


Student: (Student enters) S-s-s-sorry I’m late Miss.

Teacher: Ahhh Henry, you’re late once again, this time by over 15 minutes and what an inconvenient time to arrive, as I was discussing the topic of pupils being late and the consequences that follow, but you know them anyway. Ha, so what is your excuse this time?

Student: W-w-well, I-I-I-I missed the 8 o-o’clock bus… (whispers) again. (Confidently) But it’s the bus drivers fault, he saw me running for it and wouldn’t slow down to let…

Teacher: (Raises voice) …ENOUGH! (pause) How unfortunate, however I’ve heard it all before. You should know better being in year 11 and should be setting an example for younger years by being punctual. Anyway, Henry you’ve gained yourself another hour detention, after school. Do you have anything else to say for yourself?

Student: (pause) Nope. (panics) I-I mean, s-s-s-sorry Miss I’ll arrive on time in the future.

Teacher: (Tuts) Good, now go and sit down next to your fellow classmates that always, manage to make it on time to my class.


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