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Trans Through the Ages: A Trans Day of Visibility Event

About this video

Transgender people are not an invention of the 21st Century, but so many of us are unaware of our history which stretches back to antiquity. The University of Liverpool Trans and Non-binary Peer Support Network hosted this fascinating talk by Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale, exploring this history, some of which has been forgotten and some deliberately erased. Saorsa-Amatheia spoke about evidence of trans people in ancient times, shifting gender roles coupled with revolution in the 18th century, and the origins of our modern understanding of being transgender in the mid-20th century.

Saorsa-Amatheia Tweedale is the National Equality Ambassador for Trans and non-binary issues for the DWP. She works with employers and across government developing Trans inclusive policies and guidance, as well as delivering Trans Awareness training. In addition she is Co-chair of DWP Pride, the department’s LGBT+ staff network, leading on the development and presentation of LGBT+ inclusion initiatives and events. She is also her trade union’s national Trans representative and sits on the TUC’s National LGBT+ committee. In 2017 she was made a Fellow of Bradford College for her services to the Trans Community and the City of Bradford.

Recording timings:

- Saorsa's talk is from the start of the recording until 1.02.28.
- There was a short break between 1.02.28 until 1.03.36 in case viewers wish to fast forward that section.
- Saorsa answered audience questions from 1.03.36 until the end of the recording.


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